We are excited to announce that our URL Shortener service is merging all of our 10 separate shorteners into one convenient platform. This change will make it easier for us to manage the service and provide a better user experience for all of our valued customers.

Additionally, we have made a significant update to our view counting system. Before we counted 3 views per IP address on each shortener. But with our new platform we will be counting 15 views per IP. This means that you can now earn even more by shortening your links through our service.

Please note that on our previous URL Shortners users were able to visit our links as many times as they wanted. But on our new update we have implemented a change to ensure a fair and accurate count for our publishers.

From now on users will not be able to visit a link more than 15 times. As we will be counting 15 views per IP address. Any further visits will result in the user being blocked. And because of that our publishers don't have to pay for extra visits by their users. This new update guarantees that publishers will receive a 100% accurate count rate.

If you are a user please ignore this message and click here to get back. And if you are a publisher on our platform and this link belongs to you please make sure to read our update and take necessary steps that shown below. We are waiting for you!

• From now you only be able to use LinksFly. And all other 9 shortners will be terminated on 10th February. So make sure to withdraw all your available balance as soon as posible!

• Please make sure that you set 15 views per IP address for LinksFly and you can access your account with your old account details also you don't need to regenerate any links if you are using our API key. Make sure that you remove all other 9 shortners from your website.

If you still have doubt please feel free to reach us on Telegram! We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you on our improved URL Shortener platform.